Sunday, January 27, 2008


I should have known that yesterday would be a "day" when it started out with the crazies fighting outside my apt. I have yet to find out what was going on, but to be honest, with the events of the rest of the day, I didn't much care.

First, Pico has been having some pee problems for the past few days. She's been doing pee pee dances in the morning and has had a few accidents in the house (at least they've been in the kitchen where it's easy to clean up!!!). So, I took her to the vet to get her checked out. I thought I should probably take a sample with me, so on our way to the dr. I shoved a tupperware container under her as she squatted. Some dirt got in the "sample" so it was no good. They cleaned the container out for me at the vet and gave me rubber gloves, a syringe, and a vile to collect the sample. I mean, come on!!! I'm in NYC with people walking everywhere. I'm not going to take my dog's pee and syringe it into a vile while wearing rubber gloves out on the street!!!! I did, however, get another sample in the tupperware. Some guy was giving me strange looks, but I just put the lid on and put it into a plastic bag. I went straight to the vet clinic thinking that I would vile it when I got there. Of course, the cute Australian (or whatevs) technician was up front. I told him that I was there to drop off a specimen, but I hadn't put it into the vile yet. I took the container out of the bag and it had LEAKED all out!!! The pee got on my hand and all over the floor. Thank goodness I had my purell with me!!! So, the tech took the entire bag and was able to syringe a sample from the bag. I got the antibiotics, and now I'm awaiting the test results.

Before I headed out for the night, I took Pico to potty again. She's getting more frequent walks, so she doesn't have the accidents in the house. I walked her down a side street and noticed a hasidic ( guy sitting in his car, watching a porno on his computer! I could make many comments or judgments here, but I won't. I'll just say that I'm sure he wasn't supposed to be doing that.

Then! I'm out with Laura and some dude with a horrible pony came over because he was convinced he had seen me on Wife Swap! What?!!!! He really thought the woman on the show was me! He was checking my hand for a wedding ring and all! At least he really liked this woman because she told her temp hubby that he was a loser because he's a magician.

ugh. I went home and to bed after that. Guess it's just another day...

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dbag said...

sounds like another kelly day from start to finish. that one was so bad i loved it.