Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My mom is definitely related to me

So, tonight when I got home, I responded to my mom's earlier voicemail saying that she had experienced a "very Kelly day." That could mean a number of different things, but here's her story:

My mom left work a little early and went by the grocery store on the way home. She was looking for a parking space when she noticed that a truck was backing up with her car right behind it. In my mom's true fashion, she laid on her horn. The truck didn't stop. She kept honking, and luckily, there was nobody behind her, so she started backing up. The truck kept coming. As it hit her front bumper, she realized there was nobody inside the truck. After the impact, the truck kept going and slammed into the back of another car that was trying to leave the parking lot. Everyone was fine, and they located the truck's owner inside the grocery store and got his insurance info, etc. So, my mom finally parks and heads into the store to get her few groceries. Her hands are full as she heads into the produce dept where a FRIGGIN BIRD swoops down at her! A bird inside the grocery store!!!
Now, how does this happen? A truck with no driver hits my mom's car then she goes into the store to have a bird swoop at her! So strange! And it does sound like something that would happen to me!

This story is almost as good as the time my mom was heading to my college dorm from a job that was just a few miles away. On her way, she managed to run over a squirrel AND have a bird hit her front fender then her windshield--pretty sure that one was dead too...


Howard said...

You all and the birds, I swear!

deebs said...

phantom drivers and deranged birds?! what a day! FUNNY!