Sunday, January 20, 2008

little update

I haven't written much lately (obviously) due to too much work, and to be honest, complete exhaustion. I'm almost finished designing the book I'm working on for Seventeen. These projects are alot of fun, but working on nights and weekends can get draining since I already work all day. (note: not complaining because I'm super happy to have work since I'm self employed!!) Anyway, I delivered the final chapter files to the publisher this past week. I still have to work on the tab pages and cover, but I'm almost finished, so HERE I AM AGAIN!!! Yay!

Nothing too spectacular has happened, but I've seen things here and there, so here are some little updates:

• Pico and I were at the park a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I was seeing a big, fat, black lab. BUT! as we got closer I realized it was a huge potbelly pig. The couple walking the pig had it out in the middle of one of the baseball diamonds. I really wanted to take Pico to meet it, but I was a little afraid. It seemed really sweet, though. It's little, curly tail was wagging away.

• I saw a smushed rat in the middle of the street. It's guts were hanging out, and for a split second, I actually felt sad for it.

• I had Pico out yesterday for her morning potty, and as I was picking up her poo, she started doing her half barks at something. I didn't see any skateboarders around so I had no idea what was going on. Then I noticed a woman walking her ferret down the street on a leash. Pico was so interested in it, but we didn't get close enough for her to sniff.
What's with all of the illegal pets in my hood?

•Been pretty much living on the cheap these days. Not working from Christmas to New Years, and Christmas spending, have totally put me in the hole. Not to mention that rent and medical insurance both went up. So, anyway, I decided that enough was enough and went out to dinner last night. Susan and I tried Back Forty which I had read about. It seemed amazing--I couldn't wait to try the shrimp and bacon beignets. We go there, and those had been permanently taken off the menu. In its place were some battered, fried shrimp. We ordered. They came. But it was the entire shrimp!!!! that had been battered then fried--head, eyes, shell, legs!!! I was so confused. I tried to eat a piece with shell, and it was not pleasant . The table next to us also got the shrimp starter. They were also confused. The guy even asked the waiter if we were supposed to eat the shell. The waiter said that we were supposed to eat the entire shrimp--head, eyeballs and all! WHAT?! No thanks! I think I need to go write a citysearch review.

So, now that I'm not always working, I'm going to do my best to keep the blog alive in '08. Happy belated new year to all!

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dbag said...

did i ever tell you that i almost bought a pot belly pig for my childhood pet since they ARE known to be great domestic pets and they get along so well with other animals? my mom was ready to do it until my sister cried and complained and we opted for the boston terrier. next time you see that oinker you should def introduce him to pico! i understand your sympathy for the rat also, he had a heart once afterall. and the shrimp! the shrimp! ewww! but im "lol-ing" at work SO: GREAT post very entertaining KEEP IT UP! xo