Sunday, July 27, 2008


I was standing outside of the laundromat waiting for my wash to finish up. The breeze was kicking up and the sky was getting darker. Then all of the sudden a huge seagull swooped down in the street right in front of me. I guess the storm brought him inland. He was terrifyingly monstrous!!! Then I notice him go over to a big knuckle-looking bone with flesh hanging off of it that was sitting in the street. He picked off a chunk of the meat and flew around with it hanging from his beak. It was disgusting. I even made a comment to some dude who was also waiting for his laundry. He just sort of laughed.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A little film from some of my favorite artists.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

where am i going to go?

I just want to know who these urban planners are, and what ring of hell they are going to eternally suffer in. I walk outside yesterday to find my street closed off to traffic, and come to find out that "they" are considering closing down a portion of Bedford to traffic, so they are testing it out for a few weekends. All of the business owners were aware of this (of course), but as far as I know, the residents were told nothing. This neighborhood is rapidly becoming all about bringing people in to spend their money. But what about those of us who live here? The laundromat on Bedford and N8th recently closed and is opening up as a restaurant. This leaves one tiny place to do laundry for all of us on the north side of Bedford. Fun times. And what about a grocery store? That would be nice. Ugh, I'm so afraid that my rent is going to fly through the roof come November. If that happens, I have no idea where I would go. Am I going to have to move somewhere far away by myself? Or at 35, am I going to have to try to find a roommate? Maybe I'm worrying for nothing, but it's not lookin' good.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

reason #7273 to hate pigeons

A friend told me the following story:
She saw a number of pigeons swarming to get to something on the sidewalk. As she got closer, she realized that they were eating a pile of puke. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Here's my video of the day. If you don't like it, screw you. I just had eggs for breakfast.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

visual stimulation

This morning on my way to the subway, I noticed a pit bull with the biggest scrot I have ever seen! He seemed very proud (and so did his owner), but looks like that might hurt a bit.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

single life

I've never been one who actually liked dating around--I've never been one of those girls that saw a date as a free meal. I always thought that was gross. I'd rather be with someone or single than go on first dates all of the time (I know it's fun for some people, but not for me). So, anyway, I've been trying to be more open-minded and try new and different avenues to meet people, but somehow I keep ending up in one of two situations:
The first situation being "the nighttime worker." Not sure how this continually happens, but I must have a sign on my forehead that reads, "if you work at night, I'm you're woman." It has been unfortunate because I really enjoyed being around a couple of these guys, but always having to bend my schedule to theirs can become very tiring.
The second situation has become almost an epidemic in my life, and I really cannot begin to figure it out. It's the "ask me out then never go out" situation. It's insane how often this has happened. In recent memory, here are examples:
1.there was the guy I met out one night who called/texted me several times from a job that took him out of town. He said he wanted to hang out when he got back. He went even as far as saying that he wanted to meet up at the mermaid parade. I went out to Coney Island with a friend, and I never heard from him. He even ran into the friend I was with when I met him, so I know he was out there.
2. Then there's the guy I met at the jersey shore (i know, i know, but he's a fireman from the jersey shore, I had to at least give this a shot if for nothing else a good story.) He seemed nice, and he was a friend of a friend, so he came with a good reference. He was fun the weekend that I met him, and he nervously asked me if I'd go to dinner with him sometime. I said sure, we exchanged numbers. He called me the next morning to check in and say that he enjoyed meeting me. We then spoke on the phone several times, and even went as far as choosing a restaurant to go to. He even said that we'd go the next Tuesday and that he'd call me before then. Well, I never heard from him again. I called to see what was going on, and he apologized and we made plans again--never heard from him.
3. Not that this really counts, but there was the 22-year-old french boy who insisted that I give him my phone number because he wanted to take me to Coney Island. Guess what?! I never heard from him.
4. Then most recently, I've been trying the online thing AGAIN. I "met" someone that seemed really interesting. We emailed back and forth several times, then I suggested we meet in person (because emailing is just a waste of time when an actual meeting will determine if you're compatible or not). He said that he was working, but "let's make plans for next week." I wrote back saying that sounds good, the only night I'm not available in Wed, so whatever works for you is good." then...nothing. I wrote another email asking how the weekend was. He responded and asked how mine was. I wrote back, and...nothing.

Now, seriously, WTF? Can I not catch a break? So, in my quest to get to the bottom of this insanity, I sent an email to example #4, and asked what was up. Poor guy just happen to be the situation that broke the camel's back. And, I have to say that he was mature enough and classy enough to actually respond. I still don't have an answer for why this has happened time and again--#4 lost interest (you never even met me!), but I guess I'll keep on keepin' on. I just have to wonder if I will ever be worth someone else's effort. I hope so.

Ok, next, please. I'm heading out soon to McCarren Pool to see The Whip and The Breeders for FREE!!! Hey, maybe I'll meet someone there... :) It will be fun either way.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

chicken burger

So, yesterday I went to the company cafeteria to grab some lunch. I have to say that it's usually pretty good, and one of this week's specials is a build your own burger station. I got the most delicious chicken burger (don't know if I had ever had a chicken burger before). Then I added pepper jack cheese and guacamole. It was so amazing and I was still full at 9pm last night! Anyway, the purpose of this story is that I got home from work, and as usual, ripped off my work clothes to change into my Pico walking duds, and noticed a glob of dried guac on my boob!!! No, not on the front of my dress, but on my flesh--on my boob!!! I was so taken with my chicken burger that I didn't even notice the guac fall inside my dress. I am such a slob!