Sunday, June 29, 2008

my life...

has become a comedy of errors. I can't go into details, but the moment I try to live by the "you only live once" theory, I end up in a whirlwind of craziness. And those women on sex and the city never seemed to deal with the aftermath of doing something a little crazy. No, I didn't wait at a raw food restaurant all night to go home with the waiter or anything, but still, I did something a little out of character, and it all blew up in my face. This city is full of crazies! (and maybe I'm one of them)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

work, work

You think I'd be rushing to get to work when you see the pics below, but I'm lounging while having my morning coffee. Anyway, I think these are kind of funny. This is the brief moment of downtime, and this is what we do...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

i'm back in bidness, my friends!

Yay!! I have my computer back—it's up and running like new AND I didn't pay a cent to have it fixed! I haven't had luck like this since I won those Metallica tickets back in high school. (Um, yeah, my name was called over the morning announcements as the winner, and I was terribly embarrassed, but I ended up having alot of offers to buy the tickets, so I sold them. I wish, now, I had gone to the show.) Anyway, I took my computer in last Sat, and on Wed I called to check the status. I was expecting to have to pay at least $400. I was pretty sure it was some sort of power issue and not the hard drive since the power button was being so sensitive and the whole thing would just turn off in the middle of a sentence, but I wasn't expecting Apple to cover the cost of fixing my baby!!! I go to pick it up yesterday afternoon, and I don't even owe the $40 diagnostic fee. It was amazing! Yesterday was the summer solstice, so maybe this is a sign of things to come. I can always dream, can't I? Of puppies, cotton candy, oceans, hot, airy nights with a cold beer, rock-n-roll, love...le sigh.

Monday, June 16, 2008

time out

My computer is at the hospital right now, so no blogs for a while. I'm hoping that it will be diagnosed with something that is cheap to fix, but I realize that I'm living in a dream world. I'm just wondering if the people check out all of my files to see what I have on my computer. They probably go in and hack itunes and will watch my videos and will see the pic of the weimaraner getting humped by the deer...oh well.

Monday, June 9, 2008

hot, hot, hot!!!

This heat wave is insane. I mean, do we really need 100 degree weather in a city where we have to walk everywhere? It's great to get to work and basically need another shower and a change of clothes. Oh, well...I'll survive...

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I think Pico loves me more than ever today because this afternoon inaugurated the 2008 air conditioner season. Since we're on the top floor (no neighbors above us-yay!!!), it gets extra hot in my apt--sometimes almost sauna-like. It's supposed to be in the mid-90s all weekend; which is a huge temperature difference from last night--I was actually a little chilly.

So, it's only 1:45pm, and I've already run a ton of errands--got a pedicure and an eyebrow wax, looked for new plain, black sandals (they apparently do not exist), went to the drugstore, got cheese for tomorrow's outing to governor's island, and somewhat secured the AC in the window. I'm feeling quite productive--let's just hope the AC doesn't go crashing onto the street below.

During my errand run, I saw a freak that I think is worth mentioning. An older man rode past on his bike in front of the mini mall on Bedford. I was standing there on the phone, so I got a good look at him as he rode his bike inside the mall. He was wearing a black shirt with the sleeves ripped off, fuschia short shorts, and bunny slippers--big bunny slippers that were filthy!! And the bottoms of his feet were black! ick!! It was an interesting outfit to say the least.

Ok, going back out to the heat to take the girl on a walk then cleaning up before heading out to meet Kristen at Schiller's for a delicious steak frites with bernaise sauce. My mouth is already watering!!!

Enjoy the summertime!!

ps-I think I'm going to start ending my entries with a song or a video that matches my mood. Here's today's pick.

Monday, June 2, 2008

bllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...hack hack...blaaaaaaa

This morning I forced my way onto the last car of the W train. I should have let the door close and get the next train, but no, I had to get on that train. Well, I assume I was being punished because not long after sitting down, a woman who was seated not far from me projectile vomited. She apologized then threw her newspaper on top of it then vomited a few more times. During all of this, she never let go of her iced coffee, and for some reason, didn't leave the train. Most people left her area or just plain left the car we were in. I stayed at the very end of the car. Eventually a woman asked her if she was ok. I'm guessing she was because she had changed seats and was cleaning her shoes off. It was really, really gross!!! I'm no good with puke. And the site haunted me all day. I got to the office and immediately washed my hands, and after eating lunch, I had to take some tums because I was psyching myself out that I was now sick after being exposed to the puke-infested air. I was fine—just a little bit of a hypochondriac.

oh, and yesterday I saw Kelly Osborne coming out of some sushi restaurant on Ave A. Not so exciting, but it was a celeb.