Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

The past few days have been extremely stressed filled. Pico hasn't been doing so well, and besides the stress that goes along with knowing that my old girl won't be around forever, she's been having accidents in the house and crying for me to take her out at ungodly hours of the morning. Let's just say I'm not getting enough sleep. Plus there are always the other stressors of life.

So, with all of this said, I go downstairs to get my lunch at the Hearst cafeteria. I'm sort of walking around in a daze not knowing what I want to eat. I end up with the Mexican buffet, a blueberry tea, and a Granny Smith apple. I get all the way upstairs before I realize that I left my tea on the table with the forks, napkins, etc. Of course it's gone by the time I make it back down, so I grab another tea and two extra crisp chocolate chip cookies for Sarah. I ask the woman who charged me for the first tea, if anyone had given her a blueberry tea because I had left mine down there. She told me to just go through. Then I pointed out that I had two cookies, and she told me to go on anyway. That was sweet! That's been the highlight of the day so far. blah...

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I should have known that yesterday would be a "day" when it started out with the crazies fighting outside my apt. I have yet to find out what was going on, but to be honest, with the events of the rest of the day, I didn't much care.

First, Pico has been having some pee problems for the past few days. She's been doing pee pee dances in the morning and has had a few accidents in the house (at least they've been in the kitchen where it's easy to clean up!!!). So, I took her to the vet to get her checked out. I thought I should probably take a sample with me, so on our way to the dr. I shoved a tupperware container under her as she squatted. Some dirt got in the "sample" so it was no good. They cleaned the container out for me at the vet and gave me rubber gloves, a syringe, and a vile to collect the sample. I mean, come on!!! I'm in NYC with people walking everywhere. I'm not going to take my dog's pee and syringe it into a vile while wearing rubber gloves out on the street!!!! I did, however, get another sample in the tupperware. Some guy was giving me strange looks, but I just put the lid on and put it into a plastic bag. I went straight to the vet clinic thinking that I would vile it when I got there. Of course, the cute Australian (or whatevs) technician was up front. I told him that I was there to drop off a specimen, but I hadn't put it into the vile yet. I took the container out of the bag and it had LEAKED all out!!! The pee got on my hand and all over the floor. Thank goodness I had my purell with me!!! So, the tech took the entire bag and was able to syringe a sample from the bag. I got the antibiotics, and now I'm awaiting the test results.

Before I headed out for the night, I took Pico to potty again. She's getting more frequent walks, so she doesn't have the accidents in the house. I walked her down a side street and noticed a hasidic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hasidic_Judaism) guy sitting in his car, watching a porno on his computer! I could make many comments or judgments here, but I won't. I'll just say that I'm sure he wasn't supposed to be doing that.

Then! I'm out with Laura and some dude with a horrible pony came over because he was convinced he had seen me on Wife Swap! What?!!!! He really thought the woman on the show was me! He was checking my hand for a wedding ring and all! At least he really liked this woman because she told her temp hubby that he was a loser because he's a magician.

ugh. I went home and to bed after that. Guess it's just another day...

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I'm sitting here drinking my coffee and I here yelling outside. I look out the window and see two of the crazy women in my hood out on the sidewalk, both yelling trying to tell some story, and surrounded by at least 10 cops. It's not even noon!! This is exciting!!!!!

One of the women is an old Polish lady who's lived in the area for years--total babushka! She often walks along yelling at people--she is certifiably insane. And her daughter is an exact replica of her. She's yelled at me quite often, but I just ignore her. I don't think she speaks English at all, so I have no idea what she's saying to me. She did one time try to give me a menu she had picked up off of the sidewalk. weird! I have heard that years ago her husband was killed by a cop, and since then, she's been very off and hates cops. And, I'm not sure who the other woman was, but I have seen her around. Probably some junkie or something.

It was funny because both women were yelling and motioning--looks like one of them must have slapped the other in the face. The cops finally just got in their cars and told the women to go home. I can't wait to go downstairs and talk to the shop owner to see what happened. :)

A few of the older women in the neighborhood love talking to me and giving me all of the gossip of who's who. I know who's a junkie, who has AIDS, who owns what buildings, who actually has millions of dollars, who used to walk around showing their boobs to all of the men, who used to be a nun, etc...you get the idea. It's interesting. I will definitely get the deets of the fight!!!!

Update tk!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My mom is definitely related to me

So, tonight when I got home, I responded to my mom's earlier voicemail saying that she had experienced a "very Kelly day." That could mean a number of different things, but here's her story:

My mom left work a little early and went by the grocery store on the way home. She was looking for a parking space when she noticed that a truck was backing up with her car right behind it. In my mom's true fashion, she laid on her horn. The truck didn't stop. She kept honking, and luckily, there was nobody behind her, so she started backing up. The truck kept coming. As it hit her front bumper, she realized there was nobody inside the truck. After the impact, the truck kept going and slammed into the back of another car that was trying to leave the parking lot. Everyone was fine, and they located the truck's owner inside the grocery store and got his insurance info, etc. So, my mom finally parks and heads into the store to get her few groceries. Her hands are full as she heads into the produce dept where a FRIGGIN BIRD swoops down at her! A bird inside the grocery store!!!
Now, how does this happen? A truck with no driver hits my mom's car then she goes into the store to have a bird swoop at her! So strange! And it does sound like something that would happen to me!

This story is almost as good as the time my mom was heading to my college dorm from a job that was just a few miles away. On her way, she managed to run over a squirrel AND have a bird hit her front fender then her windshield--pretty sure that one was dead too...


Sunday, January 20, 2008

little update

I haven't written much lately (obviously) due to too much work, and to be honest, complete exhaustion. I'm almost finished designing the book I'm working on for Seventeen. These projects are alot of fun, but working on nights and weekends can get draining since I already work all day. (note: not complaining because I'm super happy to have work since I'm self employed!!) Anyway, I delivered the final chapter files to the publisher this past week. I still have to work on the tab pages and cover, but I'm almost finished, so HERE I AM AGAIN!!! Yay!

Nothing too spectacular has happened, but I've seen things here and there, so here are some little updates:

• Pico and I were at the park a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I was seeing a big, fat, black lab. BUT! as we got closer I realized it was a huge potbelly pig. The couple walking the pig had it out in the middle of one of the baseball diamonds. I really wanted to take Pico to meet it, but I was a little afraid. It seemed really sweet, though. It's little, curly tail was wagging away.

• I saw a smushed rat in the middle of the street. It's guts were hanging out, and for a split second, I actually felt sad for it.

• I had Pico out yesterday for her morning potty, and as I was picking up her poo, she started doing her half barks at something. I didn't see any skateboarders around so I had no idea what was going on. Then I noticed a woman walking her ferret down the street on a leash. Pico was so interested in it, but we didn't get close enough for her to sniff.
What's with all of the illegal pets in my hood?

•Been pretty much living on the cheap these days. Not working from Christmas to New Years, and Christmas spending, have totally put me in the hole. Not to mention that rent and medical insurance both went up. So, anyway, I decided that enough was enough and went out to dinner last night. Susan and I tried Back Forty which I had read about. It seemed amazing--I couldn't wait to try the shrimp and bacon beignets. We go there, and those had been permanently taken off the menu. In its place were some battered, fried shrimp. We ordered. They came. But it was the entire shrimp!!!! that had been battered then fried--head, eyes, shell, legs!!! I was so confused. I tried to eat a piece with shell, and it was not pleasant . The table next to us also got the shrimp starter. They were also confused. The guy even asked the waiter if we were supposed to eat the shell. The waiter said that we were supposed to eat the entire shrimp--head, eyeballs and all! WHAT?! No thanks! I think I need to go write a citysearch review.

So, now that I'm not always working, I'm going to do my best to keep the blog alive in '08. Happy belated new year to all!