Saturday, January 26, 2008


I'm sitting here drinking my coffee and I here yelling outside. I look out the window and see two of the crazy women in my hood out on the sidewalk, both yelling trying to tell some story, and surrounded by at least 10 cops. It's not even noon!! This is exciting!!!!!

One of the women is an old Polish lady who's lived in the area for years--total babushka! She often walks along yelling at people--she is certifiably insane. And her daughter is an exact replica of her. She's yelled at me quite often, but I just ignore her. I don't think she speaks English at all, so I have no idea what she's saying to me. She did one time try to give me a menu she had picked up off of the sidewalk. weird! I have heard that years ago her husband was killed by a cop, and since then, she's been very off and hates cops. And, I'm not sure who the other woman was, but I have seen her around. Probably some junkie or something.

It was funny because both women were yelling and motioning--looks like one of them must have slapped the other in the face. The cops finally just got in their cars and told the women to go home. I can't wait to go downstairs and talk to the shop owner to see what happened. :)

A few of the older women in the neighborhood love talking to me and giving me all of the gossip of who's who. I know who's a junkie, who has AIDS, who owns what buildings, who actually has millions of dollars, who used to walk around showing their boobs to all of the men, who used to be a nun, get the idea. It's interesting. I will definitely get the deets of the fight!!!!

Update tk!

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darryl! said...

ok this one was a zinger. i love the way you write, it throws the reader into the story and i can see the scene very clearly in my minds eye. i also got a bang out of the idea of polish women bitch slapping each other, so much in fact that my stomach hurts. poles are cold people. lucky for you that you know who has what (AIDS DONT TOUCH THAT ONE) and $$$, sounds like you should make friends with that one, and the junkie, the junkie can be your go to when you get strung out, i mean since you've been in the hood fo-eva you should have all the mad hook ups. dope, aids, $$ aaaaah what a life you could have!