Monday, June 2, 2008

bllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...hack hack...blaaaaaaa

This morning I forced my way onto the last car of the W train. I should have let the door close and get the next train, but no, I had to get on that train. Well, I assume I was being punished because not long after sitting down, a woman who was seated not far from me projectile vomited. She apologized then threw her newspaper on top of it then vomited a few more times. During all of this, she never let go of her iced coffee, and for some reason, didn't leave the train. Most people left her area or just plain left the car we were in. I stayed at the very end of the car. Eventually a woman asked her if she was ok. I'm guessing she was because she had changed seats and was cleaning her shoes off. It was really, really gross!!! I'm no good with puke. And the site haunted me all day. I got to the office and immediately washed my hands, and after eating lunch, I had to take some tums because I was psyching myself out that I was now sick after being exposed to the puke-infested air. I was fine—just a little bit of a hypochondriac.

oh, and yesterday I saw Kelly Osborne coming out of some sushi restaurant on Ave A. Not so exciting, but it was a celeb.


Free Joe Boles said...

JESUS CHRIST, KELLY! That is so fucking nasty. And Kelly Osborne, huh?

krr said...

You're telling me, Free Joe! It was horrible!
And, yes, I saw Kelly as I was on my way to the hippie lunch. All I could think was, "I would never want sushi this early in the day on a weekend." (not that I ever crave sushi...)

Howard said...

That's disgusting.

But you gotta admire someone with the wherewithal to realize "I'm gonna be done throwing up soon and am probably gonna want an iced coffee. So I should hang on to it until this passes."