Sunday, July 20, 2008

where am i going to go?

I just want to know who these urban planners are, and what ring of hell they are going to eternally suffer in. I walk outside yesterday to find my street closed off to traffic, and come to find out that "they" are considering closing down a portion of Bedford to traffic, so they are testing it out for a few weekends. All of the business owners were aware of this (of course), but as far as I know, the residents were told nothing. This neighborhood is rapidly becoming all about bringing people in to spend their money. But what about those of us who live here? The laundromat on Bedford and N8th recently closed and is opening up as a restaurant. This leaves one tiny place to do laundry for all of us on the north side of Bedford. Fun times. And what about a grocery store? That would be nice. Ugh, I'm so afraid that my rent is going to fly through the roof come November. If that happens, I have no idea where I would go. Am I going to have to move somewhere far away by myself? Or at 35, am I going to have to try to find a roommate? Maybe I'm worrying for nothing, but it's not lookin' good.

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