Tuesday, July 8, 2008

chicken burger

So, yesterday I went to the company cafeteria to grab some lunch. I have to say that it's usually pretty good, and one of this week's specials is a build your own burger station. I got the most delicious chicken burger (don't know if I had ever had a chicken burger before). Then I added pepper jack cheese and guacamole. It was so amazing and I was still full at 9pm last night! Anyway, the purpose of this story is that I got home from work, and as usual, ripped off my work clothes to change into my Pico walking duds, and noticed a glob of dried guac on my boob!!! No, not on the front of my dress, but on my flesh--on my boob!!! I was so taken with my chicken burger that I didn't even notice the guac fall inside my dress. I am such a slob!

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Liana said...

Good for people to know.