Saturday, April 26, 2008


So, I'm not feeling too hot, and have decided to stay in tonight. I just went outside to pick up some soup, crackers, and seltzer, and as I was walking back to my apt, I hear a man yelling:
"How can you be wearing those shorts? Do you think my mom wants to see your knees? Do you think my wife, my children want to see your knees? You should think about what your wearing before you leave the house."
At first I think it's just a group of people being stupid, but when I turn around to check out the scene, I notice a tall, crazy man walking in the middle of the street yelling at a group of young gay guys. One of them is dressed like a femme Angus Young (shorts, black shoes, and a blazer). Three of the guys turn down a side street to get away from the yelling, but one (who was wearing black jeans) yells back to his friends that they need to continue down the street and they shouldn't let someone yelling at them make them go out of their way. The crazy guy starts yelling at jeans guy: "See, you're not wearing shorts--at least not today!" Everyone on the street was sort of laughing under breath.
Ahhh! All I have to do is walk to the bodega to get an all star performance.


krr said...

I'm not 100% sure, but I think I just saw the crazy guy walking down the street wearing...SHORTS!!

Howard said...

That's awesome. Even awesomer that the guy then goes out in shorts himself.

Wonder what his wife must think.