Monday, April 21, 2008

midtown lunches

Last week set the record for bad lunches in midtown Manhattan. The area that I work in is pretty much either this deli or that deli, so sometimes I try to be creative with what I choose for my mid-day meal. After an overly expensive and royally disappointing salad from Chop't on Wed, I decided to go on an adventure on Thursday. I called Laura R and asked her if she wanted to walk with me to try an Indian burrito place I had heard about. We headed over to 46th st only to find that the place was empty. We assessed our options and decided to try a Cuban sandwich place that was a couple of doors down. The place was steamy and crowded, but we both ordered a chicken cuban to go. I went back to my desk and was swamped with editor requests, so I wasn't paying much attention to my sandwich. But after a while I noticed a nice pile of bones that I was either pulling out of the sandwich or out of my mouth. gaaaaaaaaaaag!!! Times like these make me want to become a vegetarian. Disgusting bone sandwich!! Then Friday rolls around and the weather had been so nice, so a coworker and I decide that we want to go across the street to Heartland and get a burger and eat outside. We amazingly were seated pretty quickly. It was very crowded, but they took our order, and we got our drinks after not too long. THEN! After waiting for 15-20 minutes we asked if the waitress could check on our food. She said she would. THEN! We notice that people around us who had not been ther nearly as long as we had were getting their burgers. We point this out to the waitress who proceeded to yell at us!!! THEN! She brought our burgers and the order was wrong. We finally got our food and the waitress made a point of ignoring us for the rest of our visit. We spoke to another waiter who was very nice, and he gave us more drinks and got us our bill. So instead of having a relaxing, outdoor lunch, it was stressful and not too much fun. So, this week I started off by eating the veggie stir fry and brown rice made at the Time Inc cafeteria.
I guess I could always bring my lunch from, no!


bigD said...

jesus there is nothing i hate more than bad service. she will probably stay a bitter waitress for the rest of her life with an attitude like that. suggestion: go kosher! no bones in sandwiches ever. eww!

Free Joe Boles said...

Gross! This story is still gross! And I want to hear all about your 11 year-iversary dinner.