Saturday, May 10, 2008


Life has gotten the best of me for the past two weeks. Pico got really sick with giardia which means that I was outside with her all night because she was getting sick. Then I would come home to an apt filled with poo. It was terrible, but she's much, much better now.
I know alot has happened that I should write about, but right now I am barely functioning because I had way, way, way too much to drink last night at the SPD awards. The tiny piece of chicken with couscous just wasn't enough food. Then I went to the after party. I did finally get the chance to talk to someone I've been wanting to meet for a while. I'm relieved that I spoke to him, but he seemed somewhat preoccupied with a coworker who may possibly be more than a coworker. Oh well.
ok, well, I have to go get my hair dyed now, so more later when I'm not about to die. I just wanted to write something so I don't end up back on Howard's poser list.


Howard said...

You're doing better than me! I'm about to put myself on the poser list.

bigD said...

i hope the person you've been waiting for a chance to talk to is who i think it is, also im sure whoever he was preoccupied with dont have shit on you! and poor little pretty pico with a fancy named disease. i will come over and brush her and love her anytime, keep ya head up kayel! <3