Sunday, August 24, 2008

same ol story

When I was younger, guys used to tell me, "You're not the kind of girl we just date; you're the kind of girl we marry." I always found that statement a little irritating because nobody's going to marry me without dating me first, and who's to say that I didn't want to have some fun as well. Anyway, as my birthday is closing in on me, I'm realizing that I somehow got lost in purgatory--in that in between stage of dating and marriage. As I've mentioned before, I've been doing the online thing again. My account expires in a few days, and to be honest, I'm happy about that. The last few months have been torturous. It's been very hard to keep a positive attitude and not blame myself for all the misfortunes that have occurred. In this past week alone, I've had two situations:
1. A guy contacted me about going out. We emailed and he chose a day and the place--we were going to have drinks. I chose that we'd meet at 8pm. His last email to me was, "Tuesday at 8pm at Yaffa is good for me." I wrote back and said that I'd see him there. This interaction was a few days before we were supposed to meet. I could see that he was viewing my profile every day since we made the plans—he even viewed me the day of, but no confirmation email or anything. I went to Yaffa at 8pm on Tuesday and I didn't see him, so I went to the backyard to see if he was back there. I didn't see him, so I went back up front to wait. I sat out front and waited and waited. I called my friend around 8:20 because I needed to talk to someone. I stayed for another 10 minutes or so then left. I was sooo incredibly angry and frustrated. I cannot seem to catch a break! Come on!!!! I ended up meeting up with a few coworkers that were at a place nearby then I went home and logged onto that stupid site—HE WAS ONLINE!!!! I sent another reply to the last email he had sent confirming the day, time and location. I said, "It's Tuesday. I was at Yaffa at 8pm. Where were you?" It's been almost a week and still no response.
2. Yesterday I attended the Bushwick blowout at Dan's house. I was hanging out, chatting with people when I notice a guy I had emailed from the dating site. I sent him a msg when I first joined, and he never responded. Then one night I was out and saw him, so I sent another msg just saying hey, was that you I saw...blah...blah. Again, nothing. That's fine. Whatever. So, he shows up at this party with some chick, and it was pretty apparent that they were on a first or second date. It was pretty funny. There were a few times that I caught him looking at me, but I'm not entirely sure that he recognized me from the site. At one point he sort of pushed me out of the way to get to the keg. He said excuse me and smiled, and that's when I was pretty sure that he didn't know who I was. But it was interesting to see who he chose to go out with. He left before I did. And when I got home I logged onto the site for a few minutes and noticed that he was on. I'm over it all.
Aside from the stupid online dating bs, all else is good. The party was loads o fun!! And the chick who played the best friend in Juno was there—totally random. I knew it time to leave when I went up to go to the bathroom and people were watching fart porn.


Free Joe Boles said...

I know we've discussed this ad nasuem, but really. What was with this guy? What a d-bag. I think you're great and I'd date ya, if we both liked the ladies. At least I'd know that you'd put out. And I forgot about the fart porn.

SGCL said...

Not sure why you left - that video was the funniest thing I saw all summer.