Saturday, August 30, 2008

another one from the archives

Yesterday after leaving work, I ran up to Lee's Art Supply on 57th St to get some refill pages for my portfolio. The newly renovated outdoor/public space next door was open, so I went up to check it out and see if Boobs the cat was still living over there. I searched through the plants, but no sign of Boobs. During the renovation, Boobs could be found on the other side of the fence; on the 56th St. side next to Hooters. Boobs was actually named years ago by the Hooters employees because she'd always hang around and get chicken wings and stuff. Boobs has been around summer and winter for years. And she is very selective as to who she lets pet her. I happen to be one of the chosen ones, but I have been visiting her off and on for at least 8 years.
So, anyway, as I was up there searching for Boobs, I was reminded of a situation that happened at a nearby public space. I was sitting in the space on 8th Ave just south of 57th street—across from what is now the Hearst tower. The seats all backed up to big cement planters with bushes and trees in them. I was involved with checking my phone messages and calling people back, but I did notice an older woman who was sitting approx. 20 yards to my right. She was eating a little pie and I thought it was cute. So, I'm making a phone call and I notice this woman waving her arms in the air. She's old enough that she can't just get up and run over. I look over at her and she mouths Raaaaaaaaat!!! I barely turned my head and I see out of the corner of my eye a huge effin rat over my shoulder!!!!!!!!!! I screamed and jumped up so fast that I'm surprised that I didn't pull a muscle! I thanked and thanked the woman for alerting me to the presence of that beast. I seriously would have had a heart attack if that thing had crawled onto me!!!!!!!! The woman got a good laugh while eating her pie. I then called a friend and relayed the story to her, and she informed me that a rat would never get that close to a human unless it were rabid. Wonderful!! A rabid rat almost climbed onto me!!! Ugh!

So, anyway, here's some Ride:

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where, oh where, did my kelly kels go?