Saturday, October 27, 2007

winter is coming

Not much has been going on here this past week, well, not much that would be of interest to others. Winter is well on its way, and I think I'm the only person in the tri-state area that is actually excited about this. I like the cold weather (within reason). I grew up wearing shorts on Christmas day and can count on one hand the number of times it snowed in Austin. I like wearing lots of layers, tights, boots, gloves, get the point. I, however, could do without the gray sky and rain that we've had all week.

I guess it's appropriate with the gloomy weather and all that last night I went to see Morrissey play at Hammerstein. I love Morrissey, and I've never thought of his music as all gloom and doom, but some songs do fit the bill. The show was AMAZING!!!! My only complaint is that I didn't get to hear some of my faves, but we would have been there all night if I had gotten my way. Here's the setlist that I copied from the website:

Intro: Klaus Nomi
Stop me
Billy Budd
All you need is me
Irish blood english heart
Shoplifters of the world
Gang lord
That's how people grow up
I just want to see the boy happy
Death of a disco dancer
The loop
Jack the ripper
Crashing boors
Please please please
Find out for yourself
Sister I'm a poet
Goodbye will be farewell
Throwing my arms around paris
Stretch out and wait
Life is a pigsty
How soon is now

First of the gang to die

Again, AMAZING!!! But here's my dream Morrissey show:
Alsatian Cousin
the boy racer
certain people I know
come back to Camden
Frankly, Mr. Shankly
Glamorous Glue
Golden lights
I don't mind if you forget me
the last of the famous international playboys
the national front disco
our frank
piccadilly palare
reader meets author
rush and a push...
sing your life
sweet and tender hooligan
this charming man
tony the pony
vicar in a tutu
you have killed me
you just haven't earned it yet baby

Ok, better get back to that damn book I'm designing...


Howard said...

I missed all 10 of his shows he did at the Palladium last month. And every day the paper wrote them up and talked about how great it was and how it would be his last for a while.

dbag said...

kayel did i ever tell you that klaus nomi once inspired me to learn opera?