Saturday, October 6, 2007

The bee on the L

So, this week I'm on my way to work. I often ride in the last car on the L train because it tends to be the least crowded. This day the car was not packed, but was somewhat crowded. I found a nice spot to standing next to one of the center poles. There was a man on the other side of the pole who was facing me. So, now that we have the set-up, here goes...
We hit 1st ave, the doors open, and the only thing to enter the car I was on, was a BEE!!! Now, I'm not afraid of bugs, I don't freak out when they're around, but I still don't want them on me. Well, I was wearing the new, French perfume that my brother got me in Paris for my bday, and the little bee must have liked it. I was listening to my ipod when I noticed the bee flying around my head. It was in my face; in my hair. I stood as still as I possibly could, pulled out my earphones, and asked me guy across from me if it was on me. He started swatting at the air and it flew off. At this point, most people in the area have noticed what's going on. The bee flies toward two people standing in the doorway. The girl ducks and moves out of its way. The guy is reading and is totally unaware that this beast is on the train. Well, the bee not only lands on him, but nestles into his long, stringy hair. He has no idea. Everyone is staring at him. I'm telling the girl next to him to tell him. (People don't usually talk on the subway) Finally the guy looks up because everyone is staring at him, so I yell out, "There's a bee in your hair." He starts swinging his nasty hair around, but the bee's not coming out (it's probably stuck). So the guy standing across from me goes and digs the bee out of his hair and it flies out. Now that the bee is loose, it starts flying all around again. Most customers leave the train at Union Square. I decided to get out here that day as well. As I left the train, I saw some guy trying to swat the bee with his magazine. Then he tried to guide it out of the car. I'm not sure what happened after that because I was well on my way uptown. But, yes, all of this happened before 10am and before my morning coffee--quiet a morning!


Hurricane Jola said...

KELLY!!!! u're so funny! i love that u told the guy with the stringy hair about the bee. it's cuz u're awesome.
buzzzzzzzin out, hurricane jo'

bigD said...

i just choked on my iced americano. killer (bee) story=pure entertainment all the way.