Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So damn typical!!!!

Ok, ok, I'm back, but don't get used to this. Maybe I'll write more, but I'm not promising anything.

So, anyway, I went to work today knowing that I wasn't feeling so hot. My plan was to see how I felt once I got going, and at least mark up the color on the pages for the mag then leave. So, as luck would have it, I started feeling worse, so I left. I contemplated taking a cab home, but after running to Duane Reade to pick up some drugs, I noticed that the bus was right there. This bus drops me off right across the street from the 3rd ave entrance to the L train—two stops and I'm home—YAY! Well, not so fast, sick lady!!! I get down the stairs only to find that there has been a fire and the L train is not running in either direction. OF COURSE!!!! And in a very New Yorker moment, four of us group together to share a cab to Williamsburg. Then of course the cabbie decided to go on some tour of the LES before heading to the bridge—we all noticed this screwy route! Since we were all going to different locations, I just jumped out of the cab underneath the BQE and walked the rest of the way in the cold rain. I picked up some soup and some Mentholatum then HOME! Finally!! What should have taken at most 30 minutes, took almost 1.5 hrs. So typical!


Howard said...

The 10 freeway here was shut down in both directions this morning if that makes you feel any better.

krr said...

But did you take a cab ride with 3 strangers?