Saturday, November 10, 2007

waiting to go out

It's Friday evening, and I'm planning on heading out for a bit, but not until 11:30 or so. I have some time, so I thought that I'd try to catch up on the NY stories. The past couple of weeks have pretty much been work, work, work.

•The other night I was working late in the glass castle and saw the fat, ugly naked guy again strolling around his apt. I wonder if innocent neighbors ever see me in my apartment. YIKES!!!!

•I sometimes have a hard time remembering that the concrete jungle that I live in is actually coastal. Well, last week I was quickly reminded of that fact when on my way to the subway in the morning a HUGE seagull swept down over my head and landed right in front of me!! That thing was almost as big as Pico!!! I personally do not care for birds, and apparently they know this and torture me. They like to fly near me and nearly give me heart attacks! I hate birds!

•Last Sunday was the NYC Marathon. It's hard to describe the experience of watching thousands of runners from all over the world coming together. For years I never went out to watch the marathon, but my current apt is on the route, so all I have to do is walk downstairs or watch from my window. It's amazing! This year I decided to have a few people over to watch. We made breakfast tacos--the smell of coffee, bacon and eggs filled my apt. Delish! We took our food out to the street to see the wheelchair racers, then the first professional women, then the professional men go by. THEN the stream of regulars runners came through for the next couple of hours. It's so much fun to cheer everyone on and yell out their names. This year we seemed to get more of a reaction from the runners. I'm at mile 11, so they're not even half way yet, but I'd probably be dead at that point. I think Laura and I stood out there for at least 4 hours cheering everyone on. And Pico was actually good this year. Last year I had her out while watching the wheelchair racers go by, and we had to go in because she kept barking at them. So embarrassing! It's like having a kid!

•Oh, on Halloween I was leaving work and I saw Connie Chung and Maury Povich going to dinner (really them not costumed people) I think they were going to Patsy's on 56th between Broadway and 8th.

•For some reason, this Halloween my female friends and I all chose to be male costumes. I had actually decided that I was going to be a member of the Junior League for Halloween, but that idea seemed to be lost on most people. Then I spoke with Laura B and found out that Laura R was going to be Mystery--the Ultimate Pick Up Artist. AMAZING!!! That show was beyond belief (of course I saw every episode. AND my friend and I even had a guy try the moves on us at a bar, and , yes, I called him on it. He tried to act like he had no idea what I was talking about--whatevs! He had his avatar and was peacocking and everything. Anyway...) So, since Laura R was going to be Mystery I had to join in and be Kosmo, the cheese-wad that won the show. We were sooo ugly! But the greatest costume went to Laura B who was Larry the Cable Guy. (See below for pics.) Well, Larry and Kosmo decided they needed to run out to the deli, and the only people that appreciated our costumes were the cops that were hanging out inside.

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dbag said...

those pictures have made me laugh the hardest ive ever laughed in the history of ever.